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For any company communication with customer is very import whether to new or with existing customer. Every company tries to enhance there business by improving there communication with customer. Mass Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective & viable means of communication.

Whether its a Launch of new product, information about company or opening of a new branch mass emailing is one of the best and most effective means to reach to your customer. With various professional online mass email marketing softwares will make your work much easier in very cost effective ways.

Besides this we offer various customized email marketing solutions and web hosting solutions customized for mass email marketing campaigns. For more details visit us at or mail us at

Here we will be discussing some few major Online Email Marketing Services available that will give value to your investment. Go through there reviews, features and pricing to determine which email marketing solutions fits you the best.


Interspire Email Marketing Software is a full featured email marketing software that you can buy online download and install in your server. The best part is you don’t need to pay any monthly fees for the usage or pay per mail or pay per email id. It has all the feature you require for any email marketing campaign.

Few features of Interspire Email Marketing Software:

* Completely browser based *No monthly or per email fees *Perpetual, lifetime license *No list size limits or fees *No “powered by” link in your emails *Runs on YOUR web server *Use your mail server or 3rd party *100% unencrypted PHP code *Private label in 5 minutes *Surveys and feedback forms *Dozens of built-in templates *Step-by-step campaign wizard *Custom fields for personalization *In-email dynamic content blocks NEW! *Unlimited auto responders *Split test email campaigns *Powerful XML-based API *Powerful, automated triggers *Full campaign statistics *Google Analytics integration *Automated bounced email processing *Full WYSIWYG campaign editing *Per user email throttling *Easily import/export contacts *Pause and resume sending *Automatic event logging *Built-in CRM functionality *Google Calendar integration *RSS email campaign archive


VerticalResponse is an online based email marketing service. This is suited for business of all size to establish a strong customer relationship.Start with a free 30 Days trial period. Later pay as low as $8.5 per month.

They promises to deliver 98%+ emails to inbox. Some of the feature of this email software :

* Make email with ease from inbuilt templates *Send & Share your email over social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc using the inbuilt email sharing option


ConstantContact offers you 400+ easy to use email template. With pricing starts $15 per month its also a good option fro your email marketing campaign. In addition to mass email marketing it also offers you event marketing, online survey and social media sharing option.

Some of the ConstantContact Email Marketing Software features:

*Sign up for 60 Days free trial period. * Step by Step Email Creation * Easy to edit 400+ pr0fessional email templates that suits you best. * Easy Email List Management * Over 97% Email delivery in Inbox * Import Contact from Excel List,CSV file, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook,etc


iConnect now offering a free version of there email marketing software for individual, local organization & very small business. There free edition is packed with all features required. You may start using there paid service with a free 30days trial period. And there monthly pricing start from $10

Fatures of  iContact email marketing service are as follows:

*Easy Start * Over 500+ Email Templates * Twitter & Facebook integration * Powerful Tracking & Reporting *Award winning Customer Support

So these were few email marketing software with there benefits. Visit there site, go through the detail features & pricing, sign up for free trial period and go for the email solutions that suits your needs and budget.

At any stage if you need any support in setup, using and customizing solutions fell free to contact us visiting or mail u at


Free Chat Service for your Website.


Have a website? And want to have chat service for it? Just visit  Its  completely user friendly free chat service for your website.

It takes only 60 secs for a non technical guy from signup to integration with website. After sign up it gives you few simple lines of codes. You just dont need to understand them. Copy & Paste them into your website pages and chat widget will be ready for use. Zopim Website chat widget is very attractive and easy visible to your visitor. You can even customize its position on website.

Its admin dashboard is very easy to use and is integrated with google analytics. After Login you can have  daily statistics of no of per day page views, visits, unique visitors, conversations, agent message & visitor message in graphical representation.

In admin dash board on you right you will get list of visitors on your website. Just move your mouse on any visitor it will show you details : visitor’s landing page, IP Address of visitor, Visitor’s Browser Type, Country, referrer  & search term if your visitor coming from any search engine. So it gives you a complete understanding of visitors’ profile. Just click on visitor detail and you can start chatting with you website visitor.

You can even integrate the zopim chat service dash board IM like  MSN, Yahoo, AIM Messenger or GTalk. So you dont have to remain hooked to zopim dash board. Integrate with any messenger and whenever any visitor visits your website chat window will pop up. You can just click and start chatting with your visitor.

Zopim Chat is a full featured free chat service for your website. So if you are looking for a service I will recommend you to visit .

If you want us to integrate the service for you just visit our website or mail us at and we will do the implementation for you.

All about Google+ !!!

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Google has recently launched  Google+, another social networking project like Orkut, Buzz or Wave. As during launch of Gmail some seven years back, its also a invitation only release.

It has added some good features as of Facebook. One of the better features that I liked is the Circles. You create different circles by just dragging & dropping people into circles. That lets you share different content to different circle of people. Like some comments that you want to share with your friends may not want to share with your parents.

Next in Google+ you have Hangouts, this gives you the power of Video chat room for upto 10 people at one place(though you need to download a plugin for that). After setting up your microphone and webcam you are ready for your video chat. As people joins you the screens divides into small squares of video. With your Video coming in Big Central Screen when you starts chatting with others. You come to small square whenever others start talking.

Like facebook Google+ gives you the facility to upload images instantly to your Google+ profile. Due to integration with Picasa you get all of its features with unlimited storage. You can zoom in pictures by just clicking on it. It zooms in with a side panel that displays comments made by your friends. Here also you can share different photographs among your circles that will not be available among each other.

Next feature that I would like talk here is called Sparks that lets you get latest content on articles, news, blogs posts, videos, etc. So you are handy with things you are interested in.

Huddle is a group text messaging feature that helps you to message among a group of people in a single screen. Its a cost effective way of messaging though this feature is available in only some Android phones. This feature is much like the blackberry Messanger and Whatapps

So I believe google has taken from where facebook has stopped. And its worth trying Google+ . Just ask you friend to send an invitation and enjoy the power of technology.

Welcome to teckSpace

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Welcome to teckSpace!!! A place where I would like to discuss technology trends in the field of Software Development, Web Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Online Security, CMS,etc.

I will also like to get feed back from visitors on various topic that would be brought for discussion.