Thinking of a way to upload & share image on twitter? Now you can upload & share any images on twitter just at the click of mouse.

When you click inside tweet box you will see two small icons on bottom left corner below the tweet box. One is a small picture of Camera & other is of a compass.

Clicking on the image of camera opens up the file upload dialog bog. Now browse any picture you want to upload from your computer & press the open button. The picture will be available just below the tweet box. If you just dont want to share the image click on the cross button on the image. The image will get deleted.

Now write your tweet and click tweet button & it will be shared automatically.

You may upload images upto 3MB Size & it will be scaled automatically to adjust the display pan on the right side of your twitter timeline.

Click on the tweet you can view the complete tweet and enlarged Image on the detail panel.

Happy Sharing!!!