Google has recently launched  Google+, another social networking project like Orkut, Buzz or Wave. As during launch of Gmail some seven years back, its also a invitation only release.

It has added some good features as of Facebook. One of the better features that I liked is the Circles. You create different circles by just dragging & dropping people into circles. That lets you share different content to different circle of people. Like some comments that you want to share with your friends may not want to share with your parents.

Next in Google+ you have Hangouts, this gives you the power of Video chat room for upto 10 people at one place(though you need to download a plugin for that). After setting up your microphone and webcam you are ready for your video chat. As people joins you the screens divides into small squares of video. With your Video coming in Big Central Screen when you starts chatting with others. You come to small square whenever others start talking.

Like facebook Google+ gives you the facility to upload images instantly to your Google+ profile. Due to integration with Picasa you get all of its features with unlimited storage. You can zoom in pictures by just clicking on it. It zooms in with a side panel that displays comments made by your friends. Here also you can share different photographs among your circles that will not be available among each other.

Next feature that I would like talk here is called Sparks that lets you get latest content on articles, news, blogs posts, videos, etc. So you are handy with things you are interested in.

Huddle is a group text messaging feature that helps you to message among a group of people in a single screen. Its a cost effective way of messaging though this feature is available in only some Android phones. This feature is much like the blackberry Messanger and Whatapps

So I believe google has taken from where facebook has stopped. And its worth trying Google+ . Just ask you friend to send an invitation and enjoy the power of technology.