Have a website? And want to have chat service for it? Just visit www.zopim.com  Its  completely user friendly free chat service for your website.

It takes only 60 secs for a non technical guy from signup to integration with website. After sign up it gives you few simple lines of codes. You just dont need to understand them. Copy & Paste them into your website pages and chat widget will be ready for use. Zopim Website chat widget is very attractive and easy visible to your visitor. You can even customize its position on website.

Its admin dashboard is very easy to use and is integrated with google analytics. After Login you can have  daily statistics of no of per day page views, visits, unique visitors, conversations, agent message & visitor message in graphical representation.

In admin dash board on you right you will get list of visitors on your website. Just move your mouse on any visitor it will show you details : visitor’s landing page, IP Address of visitor, Visitor’s Browser Type, Country, referrer  & search term if your visitor coming from any search engine. So it gives you a complete understanding of visitors’ profile. Just click on visitor detail and you can start chatting with you website visitor.

You can even integrate the zopim chat service dash board IM like  MSN, Yahoo, AIM Messenger or GTalk. So you dont have to remain hooked to zopim dash board. Integrate with any messenger and whenever any visitor visits your website chat window will pop up. You can just click and start chatting with your visitor.

Zopim Chat is a full featured free chat service for your website. So if you are looking for a service I will recommend you to visit www.zopim.com .

If you want us to integrate the service for you just visit our website www.mindkey.in or mail us at support@mindkey.in and we will do the implementation for you.